By Barry January 5, 2009

This site was launched primarily as a vehicle to share family history with family members but why stop there? Many people ask me for recommendations on other interests as well so now I can just point them to my web site. Therefore, it also explores some of the interests and activities that I am involved in.

Barry Sherry
Woodbridge, Va.

Newton's Revenge

July 12, 2008 -- Up the 22% grade of Mt.Washington, New Hampshire.

Phantom of the Opera

In our annual trip to New York City, we were able to pose on stage at the Majestic Theatre after a performance of Phantom of the Opera. Here, on stage in front of the chandelier which barely missed us when someone in the theater did not like us being there made it fall. L-R: Hannah, Emily, Betsy, Ashley, Bryan, Cheri, Barry, Andrew